Atacama desert at night.

We believe in the development potential

The word ATACA comes from the name of one of the most beautiful places on earth, the Atacama Desert. Where some might see emptiness and desperation, we see beauty and richness.

We believe that every person has the potential to evolve as an individual and to develop the skills required for success. Even though you might recognize what is needed to be more successful, motivated and thriving, the power to unlock the potential is often missing.

In those moments, you may feel that there is no light at end of the tunnel. You need the ability to see above the challenge and fears. That is where the secret lies: allowing yourself mental freedom to face any situation with a positive mind-set.

Light brings life and warmth brings substance. We all need those same ingredients. That is what we believe in and what ATACA stands for. Providing light, warmth, substance and vision, so that you can succeed and win.

ATACA has presence in Finland and California.

Coaching – Storytelling – Trusted Advisor

ATACA has presence both in Finland and California, serving European and American clients. We are a bespoke company serving individuals and organisations.

We begin the relationship with an introductory call or face-to-face meeting where you can freely introduce yourself and speak confidentially about your situation. We are always ready to enter into an NDA to guarantee confidentiality.

At the end of the first meeting, you will have a suggestion tailored to your needs, location, schedule and requirements.



Coaching enables you to reach further

We believe in goal-oriented coaching practice

We use various tools to guide you in the process


Be present

Convey your message

Enjoy the situation

Capture your audience

Trusted Advisor

Reflection and deep understanding

Our insight, knowledge and experience

Fully in your use as your arsenal


Jules Lajola has spent his entire adult life working in leadership positions. He believes in people, compassion, internal strength and love. His life has been shaped by Nordic, European and Californian cultures. He values imperfection and differences. He listens but he also knows when to take action. He cares deeply and passionately about being in service for his clients.

Jules Lajola

Jules Lajola

Jules Lajola